Pearl Health Clinic offers client-centered counseling, based on a cognitive-behavioral theoretic model.


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Individual (Adult, Child, and Adolescent), family, and couples counseling

Our Mission

We at Pearl Health Clinic commit to each person we serve by giving them unparalleled treatment that uncovers the worth we all have as human beings. Every one of us travels through life with burdens, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or anything else that holds back our true potential. We strive to unlock that potential to improve our way of life. From psychiatric care within the clinic to psychosocial care within the community, our accomplished staff have helped thousands of people feeling overwhelmed with life’s burdens. Our message is simple: You are not alone and there is help. Our practitioners are spiritually-minded and ethically sound, assuring every patient and their families that care is handled with dignity and respect.

Our Services

Children and Adult medical services including Health Connections

  • Physicals-Children and Adults

    Care of chronic illnesses, Strep, Influenza, diabetes, and H-pylori screens

    Pap smears, and women’s health

    Wound Care


    Treatment of rashes, ingrown toenails, boils

    Blood drawn in-house for lab tests

    Influenza shots

    Work in appointments available for acute illness