It’s uplifting to know that over 20% of Americans get therapy now.

This number isn’t as high as it should be, though. Expenses, stigma, and being a minor are only a few of the many hurdles that could stop someone from getting the care they deserve.

Are you trying to figure out how to tell your parents you need therapy? Read on for our discussion tricks so your family can be on the same page about mental wellness.

Choose the Right Time and Place

Find a quiet and comfortable place to talk to your parents. Make sure everyone is calm and has time to listen. Avoid distractions like the TV or phone.

Be Honest and Direct

Tell your parents directly that you want to talk about your mental health. Explain that you feel you need a therapist to help you work through some challenges. Being honest will help them understand your concerns.

Explain Your Feelings

Share how you’ve been feeling. Talk about any specific issues you’re facing, such as anxiety, depression, or stress. Your parents might not be aware of how you’re struggling, so being clear can help them understand your need for help.

Address Mental Illness Stigma

If your parents don’t believe in mental health or have negative views about therapy, you might need to discuss the stigma surrounding mental illness. Explain that seeking therapy is a positive step toward feeling better, like visiting a doctor for physical health.

Talk About Therapy Cost

One of your parents’ concerns might be the cost of therapy. Be prepared to discuss different options, such as using insurance or finding affordable therapy options. Let them know that your mental health is important and worth the investment.

Share Information About Therapy

If your parents are unsure about therapy, share information about how it works. Explain what a therapist does and how therapy can help all kinds of people enhance the quality of their lives.

Listen to Their Concerns

Your parents might have questions or concerns about you needing a therapist. Listen to what they have to say and try to answer their questions. This conversation should be a two-way dialogue.

Ask for Their Support

Let your parents know how much you value their support. Explain that having supportive parents on your side can make a big difference in your journey to better mental health.

Show Gratitude

Even if your parents don’t fully understand your decision, thank them for listening and being open to the conversation. Acknowledge their concerns and reassure them that you’ll keep them informed about your progress.

Seek Outside Support If Needed

If your parents still don’t believe in mental health and are unsupportive, seek support elsewhere. Talk to people you trust, such as a friend, school counselor, or teacher, to get the guidance and encouragement you need.

Now You Know How to Tell Your Parents You Need Therapy

Figuring out how to tell your parents you need therapy doesn’t have to be scary. Using these discussion tricks will help you have a productive talk with your parents.

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