Pearl Health Counseling Team

Devin McOmber


Devin McOmber is a Nationally Certified Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor who works with teens and adults to improve mental health and helps clients learn how to focus on what truly matters in life.  Devin earned his counseling degree from Idaho State University majoring in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  

Devin primarily has experience working with addictions counseling (both substance use and compulsive behaviors), mindfulness practices for anxiety and depression, behavioral interventions for attention deficit disorder, and trauma-informed counseling.  Devin utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as his primary therapeutic approaches. 

Devin believes that counseling is one component of gold-standard mental health treatment along with all of the other disciplines and approaches offered at Pearl Health Clinic such as medication management, community programs, and psychological testing.  Within Pearl’s multidisciplinary approach, Devin views counseling as the means by which clients can understand themselves and discover what they feel is deeply important. By doing so, clients can begin to recognize ways in which they are not living consistently with their core values in order to make lasting behavioral changes.

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