Pearl Health Counseling Team

Gregory Rymer


Greg Rymer is a LCPC who works with varied age, gender, individuals and groups to be their best selves and to have the best quality of life every day. Greg works his best to get to understand and gain a strong trust relationship with his clients. He knows that his life experiences, his one-to-one experiences in the mental health field and his training and focus on Cognitive Behavior Therapy has had and continue to help him to grow as a therapist and individual.

Greg has worked in the areas of individual, group and marriage counseling. His greatest memories and experiences are the triumphants and personal/ family growth of the individuals whom He has worked over the years. He has wept tears of joy and sorrow for and  with his clients. Greg has learned, acquired and benefited so much knowledge and practical skills from his colleagues and other professionals in his field and most of it in Clinical Staff meetings. Greg has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Marshall University College  of Graduate Studies. If you ever had the opportunity to view, “ We are Marshall” this is his Alma Mata. Greg is trained in Experiential, Choice, Play, Love, and Logic,  and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy just to list a few of the areas. He love’s his chosen profession, it has never seemed like a job. He looks forward to seeing his clients.