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Katrina Forsmann


Katrina Forsmann is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with anyone who has experienced trauma to help them move from surviving to thriving. She has worked with children, teenagers, adults, and families.

Katrina knows how traumatic experiences change how a person views the world. Much like a person who crashes a bicycle so hard, that every time they see the bicycle, fear, panic, and self-doubt stop the person from trying again. The bicycle represents trauma. The bicycle or trauma just sits there, getting in the way of everything a person is trying to do. I will help you pull the bicycle (or trauma) out of the garage safely, help you repair it, or heal the trauma so that you feel capable and competent to ride again or live life again.

Katrina uses principles from Relational Cultural Theory which states that people have the desire to have safe healthy relationships that promote growth within themselves. She also uses knowledge from Polyvagal Theory, or how our brain responds to fear and how it heals from trauma. She is certified in Trauma Informed Care with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score training program, EMDR, and completing certifications in Internal Family Systems, and Nutritional Health to promote mental health. She believes in a holistic healing process and works with other health professionals to develop a comprehensive path for healing.

Katrina has practiced social work in Idaho, Ohio, and Oregon. She grew up in central Idaho and lived in Moscow for 20 years, raising her 3 children, after attending the University of Idaho where she achieved her bachelor’s degree in Special Education. She moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 2010 and lived there for 7 years. She attended the University of Southern California Virtual Academic Campus while in Cincinnati. She completed an internship with Butler County Behavioral Health studying human trafficking and participating in program development (Safe Families). In Ohio, she worked with families whose children experienced the effects of the opioid crisis. She assisted support teams in foster care, group homes, and service providers with Trauma Timelines. In Oregon, Katrina worked for Yamhill County on the Crisis Assessment Team. She has worked as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), volunteered at the VA, and works with military veterans.

She moved back to Idaho to be closer to family and found an opportunity at Pearl Health Clinic, finding a supportive work environment that not only helps people in the community but personal and professional growth amongst the staff.

I look forward to working with you!


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