Pearl Health Counseling Team

Keaton Suitter


Keaton Suitter, LPC, is a counselor who works with individuals, couples, and families to help
create a safe environment where life’s challenges can be explored without judgement and
possibilities for growth can be explored together.

Keaton believes that each person knows themselves better than anyone else. Using this
belief, Keaton takes on a person-centered approach to counseling, helping to explore a
person’s life challenges and together creating plans and actions to work through those
challenges at the person’s own pace.

Keaton also believes that by exploring a person’s emotions to an experience, couples and
families can better understand the challenges they face in their relationships. Using Emotion
Focused Therapy (EFT), Keaton works with couples and families to help understand what
attachment injuries may be in place within the relationship and how clearer communication
can help create a safe atmosphere where people can explore those attachment injuries and
feel safer within their relationships.

Keaton holds a master’s degree in counseling from Idaho State University.

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