Pearl Health Psychology Team

Rachel Roewer


Rachel Roewer (she/her) is a Psychological Intern from the Pacific Northwest who provides psychological testing and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and young adults. Rachel’s clinical experiences include working with specialized populations (infants, children, adolescents, LGBTQ+ folks, youth with intellectual disabilities, and youth in foster care) in underserved communities. She approaches clients with a trauma-informed attachment lens, with emphasis on exploring and navigating relational and systemic factors that impact her clients’ well-being. As a therapist, her goals are multifaceted and tailored to the needs of each client. She aims to support clients in strengthening their relationships with themselves and others, expanding awareness of their values and beliefs, healing from traumatic experiences, developing skills to self-regulate, and working toward facing life’s challenges authentically and skillfully. She strives to ensure that her clients feel heard and validated, and is invested in making therapy a warm and welcoming space.

Rachel is currently enrolled at Pacific University and completing her doctoral degree in clinical psychology with emphasis in providing child and family-oriented services. Rachel holds an MA in clinical psychology, child emphasis, from Pacific University and a B.A. in Psychology and Minor in Global Engagement from the University of Washington.

After-Hours Crisis Contacts

If you are in crisis, please consider the following crisis services:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Dial 988 or visit the Web Site

 If you are experiencing an emergency, please

Call 911

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Behavioral Health Crisis Center
Rise Up Youth Crisis Center
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