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Shayla Hickman


Shayla is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in helping individuals to achieve their best mental health. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Idaho State University and went on to earn her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Shayla has worked in the field of psychology since 2014. Prior to becoming a counselor, Shayla was a Certified Habilitative Interventionist (HI) and CBRS worker (formally known as PSR).

Shayla works to help her clients to gain new perspectives and to increase understanding of themselves and others, to make lasting behavior changes, and to build meaningful relationships. She has experience treating children, adolescents, and adults with diverse backgrounds.  She sees clients with a wide range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and life-stage transitions. Shayla has training in several therapeutic approaches, including Relational-Cultural Therapy (RCT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Play therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy.

When she’s not at work, Shayla enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks, spending time with friends and family, learning new things, getting lost in beautiful places, rock climbing, and writing.


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