Pearl Health Counseling Team

Tiffany Grant


Tiffany is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who works with a diverse  population of clients utilizing various trauma-informed theories. She is passionate in working with those struggling to cope with any trauma, grief, or loss they have experienced. She recognizes that all trauma has grief, but not all grief has trauma allowing for greater depth in understanding and healing from our past wounds.

 She became a Certified Grief Educator through David Kessler’ program. She continues her grief and trauma education through Grief Educator Alumni trainings. She is a moderator for David Kesser’s on-line grief group. 

Tiffany is a grief group facilitator at Pearl Health Clinic. She provides a safe space for clients to process through their emotions and how they are feeling during this painful time with the social support they need. Grief groups allow us to talk about the adjustments we have had to make because of our loss. To learn how to maintain a connection with your loved one while finding a new way forward in life. 

Tiffany earned a double Bachelor’s degree from Idaho State University in Psychology and Biology and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Northwest Nazarene University.


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