Pearl Community Program Services 

Pearl Community Program Services 

  • CBRS
  • Case Management/TCC
  • Peer/Family/Youth Support

Community-Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS)

Our CBRS department's focus is to improve the quality of life for people recovering from severe and persistent mental illness. Assisting patients in meeting basic needs and ensuring their participation in the community. Our program provides a broad range of skill-building services to people recovering from severe and persistent mental illnesses. Our team is constantly promoting recovery and improving the quality of life for many.

CBRS work is performed both in the home and in the community with the objective of reducing the impact of mental illnesses on patients’ lives and improve their quality of life.

CBRS meet one on one with patients on a regular basis and follow a carefully developed treatment plan in order to help clients build functional behaviors and coping skills for interaction with their surroundings.

CBRS workers provide assistance in gaining and utilizing skills necessary to function adaptively in home and community settings and attain or retain capability for independence. The treatment plans contain measurable and behaviorally specific objectives for individuals to lead a healthy and prosperous life.


Case Management

Case Management services assist people who need a professional coordinator due to their limited ability to obtain or arrange services for themselves. The program's goal is to assist people with mental illnesses in obtaining the basic services required to live as independently as possible in their communities. Children, teenagers, adults, and seniors can all benefit from an overall transformation and betterment of life.

Case Managers coordinate services and service providers for the individual when they are not able to do so for themselves. Case Management aims to ensure a person is receiving the support they need while working to increase the individual’s ability for self-support and self-advocacy, assisting individuals by linking services and providers together for seamless treatment to promote independence and self-directed care.

Case managers assist clients in making the most informed decisions about critically important issues. The decisions collaboratively made between patients and Case Managers could possibly affect them throughout the rest of their lives.

Our Case Managers at Pearl Health Clinic are most interested in seeing change, making a difference, and looking at the outcomes of their support working with individuals and families. Through service coordination and linking individuals to services, we are able to provide effective treatment that creates big changes for people.

Peer Support Services

Peer Services are recovery supportive services in which a Certified Peer Support Specialist utilizes his/her training, lived experience and experimental knowledge to mentor, guide and coach the member as he/she works to achieve self-identified recovery and resiliency goals.

These services are designed to promote empowerment, foster self-determination and choice, and inspire hope as the member progresses through the recovery process.

Peer Support Services emphasize personal safety, self-worth, confidence, and growth, connection to the community, boundary setting, planning, self-advocacy, personal fulfillment, and development of social supports, and effective communication skills.

Services emphasize the acquisition; development; expansion of rehabilitative skills needed to move forward in recovery.

What Patients Are Saying About Pearl Health Clinic

Our practitioners are spiritually-minded and ethically sound, assuring every patient and their families that care is handled with dignity and respect. They are culturally diverse and many of them are culturally competent to meet your needs in services

They are different from other clinics. They don’t just talk. They make change. This is why they are unique

Denise Wheeler

August 2020

I’ve only ever had great experiences. I’ve been going since last November and I love the gals at the front desk, I was seen quickly for a consultation and found a great therapist who I’m able to see weekly. Pearl can be a busy clinic but they have some great people working there.

Val Heine

August 2020

They are awesome. They are very helpful and they are always there when you need them. They do a really good job.

Bryan Harrison

July 2020

Zak Warren talked to our Mothers of Preschoolers group about marriage. He was highly engaging. He gave a few big picture ideas to help us and then practical tips. He took questions on the spot, giving thoughtful answers that fit actual needs. The atmosphere he fostered was warm and the group laughter and openness were bonding as well as helpful. If I led an organization, like a church, I would recommend couples to see Zak and would recommend hiring him for group sessions.

Kim Mitchell

February 2020

Great people that work there! Very caring

Ann Caudle

February 2020

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