Pearl Psychology Services

Pearl Psychology Services

  • Neuropsychological / Psychological Testing

Neuropsychological / Psychological Testing

Neuropsychological and psychological testing utilize scientific methods to measure an individual’s neuropsychological and psychological characteristics. Tests compare an individual’s performance to that of their peers using statistical methods.

Pearl Health Clinic offers a broad range of testing services for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. The data obtained from tests informs diagnosis, treatment planning, referrals, and placement.


Tests tend to fall into the following two categories:

  • Task-Based Assessments require the examinee to complete tasks. For example, to memorize a list of words. The examinee’s ability to memorize the list is then compared to the averages for same-age individuals, allowing the psychologist to determine memory ability.
  • Rating Scales are completed by the examinee or an individual familiar with the examinee. For example, a teacher may complete a behavior rating scale regarding the intensity of a student’s misbehavior. The teacher’s ratings are compared to the average misbehavior of same-age students, allowing the psychologist to determine the severity of the misbehavior.

What Patients Are Saying About Pearl Health Clinic

Our practitioners are spiritually-minded and ethically sound, assuring every patient and their families that care is handled with dignity and respect. They are culturally diverse and many of them are culturally competent to meet your needs in services

They are different from other clinics. They don’t just talk. They make change. This is why they are unique

Denise Wheeler

August 2020

I’ve only ever had great experiences. I’ve been going since last November and I love the gals at the front desk, I was seen quickly for a consultation and found a great therapist who I’m able to see weekly. Pearl can be a busy clinic but they have some great people working there.

Val Heine

August 2020

They are awesome. They are very helpful and they are always there when you need them. They do a really good job.

Bryan Harrison

July 2020

Zak Warren talked to our Mothers of Preschoolers group about marriage. He was highly engaging. He gave a few big picture ideas to help us and then practical tips. He took questions on the spot, giving thoughtful answers that fit actual needs. The atmosphere he fostered was warm and the group laughter and openness were bonding as well as helpful. If I led an organization, like a church, I would recommend couples to see Zak and would recommend hiring him for group sessions.

Kim Mitchell

February 2020

Great people that work there! Very caring

Ann Caudle

February 2020

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